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La Glace ice cream is made with a creme anglaise base; a thick custard that uses egg yolks and heavy cream. The end result is a product that has little aeration making it rich and decadent. Our ice cream is made with Avalon Dairy cream with a focus on using natural and local ingredients whenever possible.

Prior to opening our storefront. La Glace has been showcased at special events and pop-ups in and around Vancouver including: Crème de la Crème; Holt Renfrew; Williams-Sonoma; Eat Vancouver and TED Talks (2015-2018).

We proudly produce all of our ice cream and treats from our shop located at 2785 West 16th Avenue Vancouver BC.


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Our story

La Glace was born from a passion for fine food, travel and family.

Since childhood, our co-founder & culinary director Mark Tagulao, saw the kitchen as a playground; a fun place to experiment and try new things.

After graduating from the University of British Columbia, Mark began working full time at a bank. Not satisfied with a life of finance, he started apprenticing with a local cake decorator on the side. This experience would eventually lead him to attend pastry school abroad and to travel the world gaining culinary inspiration.

Through his overseas training, Mark honed many of the skills, tips and tricks that he uses to this day. Upon returning to Vancouver, he began working with local food entrepreneurs to help refine and perfect their products. Mark has done recipe consultation with various local companies such as Cartems Donuts, Earnest Ice Cream and Coney Island Frozen Custard.

Mark’s love of competition and adventure drove him to the booming televised cooking competition industry. In 2011, Mark appeared on an episode of Recipe to Riches on Food Network Canada with his recipe for “Teopolitan Ice Cream,” a twist on the classic Neopolitan with layers of green tea, earl grey & vanilla cardamom. Three years later, Mark went on to compete on the American program, Donut Showdown, where Mark received the top prize.

In 2014, Mark and a local entrepreneur, Juliana Eng, founded La Glace with the goal of elevating the quality of dessert options available for Vancouverites.